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flowkpi™, selected for the startup RISE alpha program

flowkpi™, a Business Intelligence Software Solution, has now also been selected for the startup alpha program in the RISE technology conference where it will present to over 5,000 attendees and renowned investor how it plans to help companies make better decisions and win with data. RISE technology Conference will be held July 31 st- August 1st, 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention Center.

RISE is a global idea exchange focusing on how technology and innovation are disrupting industries. The conference serves as a platform connecting revolutionary startups, cutting-edge ideas, global industry leaders & investors across the world. RISE is Web Summit’s first event in Asia. In 4 short years, Web Summit has become Europe’s largest tech conference attracting over 20,000 attendees from around the world. RISE is a new tech conference that will give these leaders of enterprise a place to congregate and demonstrate how their companies are changing the way we live.


Introducing flowkpi ™ – A Business Intelligence Platform to Help Brands Make Better Decisions and Win with Data

JULY, 8TH, 2015 (MIAMI, FL) – Influnt,LLC unveiled flowkpi™, a SAAS Business intelligence platform that helps businesses collect data, perform audits, market intelligence, design research, and measure desired KPIs. The real-time data generated transforms into real-time reports displayed in a dashboard so decision makers can make timely, informed, strategic decisions and achieve perfect, more relevant executions.

flowkpi™ helps brands, retailers and consumers win with data. “We founded flowkpi™ in Miami to Help Brands and retailers design experiences consumers love.” Said Ernesto Ruiz, flowkpi’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe data has an instrumental role in the understanding of experiences and developed a platform that helps businesses better understand their markets areas of improvement with real time data. We collect and transform data into valuable insights that translate into performance improvement with the potential to move brands forward.”

flowkpi™ will be available through a pilot program to limited brands starting on August, 2015. A national launch is scheduled on Q1, 2016.

Press Contact:

Name: Ernesto Ruiz

Company: flowkpi

E-mail: eruiz@influnt.com

Phone: 786-319-7092