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We enable brands to perform, manage audits, market intelligence, gather data and aid strategic decision making with the help of data.

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What we do

At flowkpi® we are about the empowerment of progress. We want brands to design better experiences that consumers will love with the help of data.

Our software solution allows brands to collect data, perform audits, market intelligence, and measure desired KPIs that allow decision makers make timely, informed, strategic decisions that move their brands forward.

How we do it

The right data. To the right people, at the right time.

The more data collected and locations included, the truer the representation of a marketplace, more powerful understanding, and better results. A software solution that allows for crucial data to be collected real-time, and visualized to understand areas of improvement can only be a good thing for brands.

Juan Esteban Garcia,
Marketing & Sales Manager

Valuable tool for Brands

Compliance Platform
Auditing made simple. Manage your brand's KPIs, alignment and compliance levels to ensure success.

Market Intelligence Tool
Unveil the market truth. Track and monitor critical metrics and KPIs.

Research/Insight Tool
Get visibility of the shopper experience, plan efficiently, enhance execution, and improve performance.

Data Gathering
Gathering real-time, critical data to help you make better decisions has never been so simple.

Industries we work with

Retail / Consumer Package Goods
Hospitality and Tourism

Empowering Progress

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